Access any computer from anywhere in the world

Using RDP, VNC, SSH, SCP and also with Screen Sharing

What is RDPRemote?

RDPRemote is a tool that allows connecting to any computer, from anywhere using RDP, VNC, SSH and SCP protocols. RDPRemote uses Windows Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe) or a standard VNC client/server application such as TightVNC/UltraVNC for VNC protocols and WinSCP or putty to SSH and SCP. It also has the possiblity to share your desktop screen with anyone you want.

For personal use, RDPRemote if FREE to use during ONE YEAR without any limitations.

See in Action

Connection from one computer to another computer with Screen Sharing and RDP

What is RDPRemote Gateway?

RDPRemote Gateway is an application that can manage all connections from any computer too specific machines on an organization.
You can create as many connections as you need to any machines thru standard protocols, such as RDP, VNC, SSH, and SCP.

Is also possible to configure notifications and receive remote access reports.