What is RDPRemote Gateway?

RDPRemote Gateway is an application that can manage all connections from anywhere too specific machines on an organization.
You can create connections to any machines thru standard protocols, such as RDP, VNC, SSH or SCP.
This is very useful to provide access to specific computers to your employees, partners or providers.


Follow the above diagram, this is how RDPRemote works.
You need to create an account using RDPRemote (Computer M). After having an account, you must Download and Run RDPRemote Gateway (Computer G). You should logon with the created account. If you want, you can install RDPRemote Gateway as a service.
In RDPRemote, you can create as many connections as many you need.

On each connection you must define:
1) Access Key (Random or specific one)
2) Connection Protocol
    - RDP
    - VNC
    - SSH
    - SCP
3) Date Limit; Date time when the connection will expire;
4) Host, Hostname or IP Address
5) Port number
6) Connection Description
7) Connection Status (Active or not)
8) Notifications emails accounts - to receive emails notifications after each connection being done.

After creating connections, these are sync with RDPRemote Gateway. At any time is possible to add, update or delete connections.
With the RDPRemote Gateway synchronization, a computer ID is generated and the connection is available to connect to the host specified (Ex. Provider A ou B)

In the example above, 8 connections were created. Three connections to three different computers with different operating systems and protocols (computer 1, 2 e 3).
In computer 4, a Linux Operation System, it's was created two connections (two Computer ID and access keys); one for SSH and another for file transfer, SCP.
In case of Terminal Servers (computer 4), is possible to create as many connections, as the number of users that can connect to the server.