What is RDPRemote and how it works?

RDPRemote is an application that allows connecting directly to any computer, from anywhere using RDP, VNC, SSH or SCP protocols. You can also share you Screen. RDPRemote uses Windows Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe) or a standard VNC client/server application such as TightVNC/UltraVNC. To connect to other systems using SSH ou SCP protocols you need standard clients, such as putty ou WinSCP.
You can also share the screen, copy files and make chat sessions.

RDPRemote is a standalone executable file with the ability to make and receive connections and no installation or configuration is needed.

The RDPRemote connection is transparent to the RDPRouter using direct connections or using HTTP proxies. Because there are only outbound connections, isn't required to open inbound Firewall ports or create port forwarding. .

The RDPRouter acts as a network router, between the client and server. All data (RDP/VNC/SSH/SCP) is passed through the Router meaning that both machines (making and receive connections) can be behind a firewall/router.


Every computer has a Computer ID and identifies the machine. The is also an Access Key that can be auto-generated or you can define your own.  You only need to inform this two codes to another person in order to make the connection possible.


You can install RDPRemote as a Service for Unattended access and access any time you need. You can save the connections access information for future connections.